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Did you know?

  • In Louisiana, because of our unique French heritage, we have parishes instead of counties.
  • Sugar cane, seafood and fabrication-particularly for the oil industry-are our main industries.
  • Local cultures include English, Italian, Spanish, Native American, African American, French & Acadian.
  • Atchafalaya is a Native American word meaning "long river." The Atchafalaya River is 135 miles long and reaches depths of 100 feet. Due to the river's silt content, the land being built at the mouth of the river makes it the only active growing delta in the world.
  • We're the gateway to the Atchafalaya Basin, the largest overflow swamp in the United States. It is over 800,000 acres, and equals one third of the entire state.
  • Morgan City gained national recognition in 1947 with the first successful oil rig drilled out of sight of land by Kerr McGee.
  • Morgan City was featured in the first Tarzan movie in 1917 starring Elmo Lincoln.
  • Patterson is home to speed aviation. The flyer "44" which was built and flown by Jimmy Wedell was the first land plane to go over 300 mph.
  • Morgan City is home to the oldest state chartered harvest festival, the world's largest commercial marine fleet, and the world's largest helicopter pad.
  • Franklin has had its share of statesmen including five governors, three US Senators, a chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, an Attorney General, a Lt. Governor, and two state senators.
  • Bayou Teche flows through Franklin. Teche is a Native American word meaning snake. Legend has it that the Teche was formed by an enormous snake.
  • Franklin was named as a top 100 town in Norman Crampton's book The Best 100 Small Towns in America.
  • There are over 400 noteworthy properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Franklin.
  • There are over 44,000 acres of sugar cane throughout St. Mary Parish.
  • Franklin is one of the largest producers of carbon black.