Birding and Wildlife Watching

Enjoy one of the fastest growing outdoor activites, birdwatching, with an abundance of opportunities to spot over 300 known species of birds throughout the Cajun Coast by car or by boat.

You can travel down Stephensville Road off Hwy. 70, visit the Brownell Memorial and Carillon Tower (a designated bird sanctuary), travel along Cotten Road in Patterson or take a swamp tour into the Atchafalaya Basin for a close-up view of the natural enviroment. Eagles can be sighted between October through the end of April.

The Atchafalaya Basin, one of the great ecological wonders of the United States, abounds in all types of wildlife. It extends north from Morgan City past Lafayette in a maze of bayous, lakes, ponds and cypress swamps. In addition to the wide variety of birds, more than 65 species of reptiles and 46 species of mammals inhabit the Cajun Coast.

Eagle Expo

Boat tours into various waterways to view eagle's nests. Presentations on the American bald eagle, wildlife, flora, fauna and the culture of the area by wildlife professionals and photographers.

St. Mary Loop Birding Trail

Follow America's Wetlands Birding Trail throughout St. Mary Parish, the Cajun Coast, for the opportunity to view over 300 species of birds. View eagles every February during Eagle Expo. For information visit America's Wetland's Birding Trail, or the Louisiana birding Website at www.birdlouisiana.com

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