Itineraries & StayCations

The Cajun Coast makes it easy to travel like a native with packages, tours and itineraries.

  • Cajun Coast Golf Trail Itinerary - Enjoy golf at Audubon Golf Trail Courses 
  • Cajun Coast Ghosts Tour - 
  • Civil War Itinerary - Information for the history buff or just those wanting an interesting look the culture of the time. Click here.
  • Family Itinerary - Take the family and enjoy the ride. Cajun Coast has a great time planned for your crew. Click here.
  • Cultural Tour - The Culture of the Cajun Coast is Cajun as you might expect, but a wealth of Native American and other cultures also shaped the area, as did the booming oil industry. Click here.
  • Historic Traveler Itinerary - Architecture, Museums and Main Streets take you through history that's actually fun. Click here.
  • Movie Tour - You'll be amazed at how many locations along the Cajun Coast were used for films. Click here.
  • Bird or Wildlife Watching - Adventure to find magnificent birds, and other wildlife that exist in this habitat. Click here.
  • Casino Gaming - Cypress Bayou Casino Package