16th Annual Eagle Expo

  • Eagle Expo Feb 26-27 (Boat Tours Only) Cajun Coast

16th Annual Eagle Expo

Morgan City, LA 70380

Boat tours into various waterways, by local experts. For more information, 985-380-8224 or info@cajuncoast.com

FEBRUARY 26-27, 2021 (or plan your own dates)

Eagle Expo has been cancelled, but you can still take a swamp tour into the Atchafalaya Basin to see these majestic birds! See the tours below and plan your Cajun Coast adventure!
**The Cajun Coast will be hosting a Big Sit Tournament, April 24, 2021. Stay tuned for details.**

Atchafalaya Basin with John Burke of Captain Caviar Swamp Tour – Captain John will give you a tour into the Atchafalaya Basin to view the American Bald Eagle. The Atchafalaya Basin is the largest overflow swamp in the U.S. covering over 850,000 acres. The Basin includes 10 distinct aquatic & terrestrial habitats ranging from large rivers to backwater swamps. The Basin is most noted for its Cypress-Tupelo Gum swamp habitat and its Cajun heritage. The basin is home to over 170 bird species and is an important wintering ground for the birds of the Mississippi Flyway. For COVID protocol, recommend no more than 8 people. Contact Captain Caviar for pricing. 985-395-7420.

Bayou Long Tour with Captain Ivy - The Bayou Long Tour includes various waterways including Lake Verret, Bayou Magazille, Four Mile Bayou, Grassy Lake, Bayou Cheramie, Bayou Milhomme, and Lake Palourde. On Captain Ivy’s tour you will be able to view Bald Eagles and their nests, Blue Heron, Great Egret, Belted Kingfisher, White Ibis and various other species of birds. For COVID protocol, recommend 2 or 4 people only. Contact Captain Ivy at Blue Dog Charters 985-518-4277 or 985-384-2070 for pricing.

Bayou Black Tour with Captain Billy Gaston - Billy Gaston, swamp tour operator of Cajun Man's Tours will journey into the backwater of Bayou Black, adding his special Cajun touch. This tour will meander through the old oil and gas canals where you will have the opportunity to see several birds of prey including, of course, Bald Eagles, Ospreys and various species of hawks. Other birds that are likely to be encountered include various species of ducks, wading birds and some song bird species. Great tour for families or groups. Covered flat bottom boat. Bathroom on board. For COVID protocol, recommend 10-15 people only. Call Captain Billy for pricing. 985-868-4625.