Give Us Some Sugar

Ginger's Bakery Strawberry Pie on the Cajun Coast

As the second-largest sugar-producing parish in the state, we know how to make the sweet stuff into amazing desserts!

So, we are looking for the best desserts on the Cajun Coast! (No comment on if we intend to try them all!)

Let us know your favorite picks in each category in St. Mary Parish, there's a $50 gift card in it for you as well. Call 985-380-8224 if you have questions. See rules.

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Please list up to 5 of your favorite Restaurant Desserts and their locations
Please list your Top Five (5) Sweets and Specialty Shop in St. Mary Parish (Bakery, Coffee Shop, Candy Shop. Must be locally made.)
Please list your Top Five (5) Sweets/Desserts and locations from Non-Traditional spots. (Grocery Store, Convenience Store, Gas Station, etc. Must be locally made.)
Please list your Top 3 Homemade sweets/candy sold in St. Mary Parish at farmer’s markets, festivals, special events and the location
Please list your Top Three Seasonal Sweets/Desserts in St. Mary Parish and the location.