Ghosts of Morgan City**Book Your Ghosts on the Coast weekend with Sarah Lemos now!**

Travel Channel's new series, Ghosts of Morgan City, has created a new interest in the haunting happenings surrounding the Cajun Coast, but this area is no stranger to stranger things!

From the rougarou who inhabits the misty, murky waters of the Atchafalaya Basin, to Civil Water battle sites said to be grounds for restless spiritual activity, along with many antebellum mansions and historic properties, the Cajun Coast is ripe for delving into ghostly sightings.

Start with clips from the initial Travel Channel series which premiered June 22, and then visit the Civil War trails, Atchafalaya Heritage Area, and notable historic properties in the area. Join us for the FREE Season Finale Party at the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium on August 9!

Ghosts of Morgan City (#ghostsofmc)Ghosts of the Cajun Coast
Premiere - The Mist - Location:  Highway 70 along Lake End Parkway/Lake Palourde, Morgan City, LA 70380
Episode 2 - Ghost Girl - Location:  Pete & Railroad, Patterson, LA  70392 (PRIVATE HOME)
Episode 3 - Blue Shirt of Idlewild - 130 Main Street, Patterson, LA  70392 (PRIVATE HOME)
Episode 4 - Pirate Island - Kamikaze Island, Atchafalaya Swamp Basin ((PRIVATE LAND)
Episode 5 - Irish Bend Soldier - Irish Bend Road/Allain House, Franklin, LA 70538 (PRIVATE HOME)
Episode 6 - Berwick Bloody 4 - Lima Street/Utah Street, Berwick, LA 70342
Episode 7 - The Man in Black - Morgan City Archives, Schrier House, 501 Federal Avenue, Morgan City, LA 70380
Episode 8 - Haunted Headquarters - Lawrence Park, Downtown Morgan City, Front Street, Morgan City, LA 70380

Download the Ghosts of Morgan City Booklet with complete descriptions, by Rhonda Dennis, book author and researcher for Ghosts of Morgan City!