Picture this: you're standing at the edge of the dock, watching as the fishing and shrimp boats return with their catch of the day. Welcome to the Cajun Coast, a region that takes your taste buds on a journey they won't soon forget. The Cajun Coast, with its blend of cultures and traditions, offers... read more
The Cajun Coast is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, offering abundant opportunities to cast your line and reel in memorable catches. Whether you’re an avid fisherman or want to take the family on an exciting exploration, Cajun Coast is the place for you. With its diverse ecosystems and a thriving... read more
Looking for fun indoor activities to beat the heat this summer? Look no further than St. Mary Parish, the Cajun Coast! From shopping to theaters, there's plenty to do indoors while still enjoying the unique Cajun culture and history of the area.Savor the best of both worlds on Main Street in... read more
Discover Cajun Coast, a breathtaking natural area with outdoor activities, scenic routes, and delicious Cajun cuisine. Enjoy family-friendly summer fun, learn about Chitimacha Native American history and experience the magic of the Cajun culture. Plan your visit at!Check out these... read more
May brings out the best in our Momma Bears, and what better way to celebrate than giving Mom the gift of travel to the Cajun Coast! Come at the beginning of May for the Bayou Teche Black Bear Fest when Momma and the whole family of bears get celebrated. Or bring Mom for her style getaway this... read more
Berwick Lighthouse Food Truck Court
Spring has sprung on the Cajun Coast of Louisiana, and there's no better time to explore all that our vibrant region has to offer! From lively festivals to delicious seafood, there's something for everyone this Spring Festival Season! The Cajun Coast is known for its many festivals each year,... read more
Henry Cancienne Irises
With Mardi Gras just behind us, it’s time to bring on Spring Festival season with celebrations like Basin Brew Fest and the Irish-Italian Walking Parade! Enjoy the family-friendly, festive, cultural celebrations! And of course, nature springs into its own celebrations that you can enjoy all season... read more
Mardi Gras on the Cajun Coast 90 mins from New Orleans
The Mardi Gras season is in full swing on the Cajun Coast, beginning January 6, the Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day, continuing through Mardi Gras Day, always 40 days before Easter which is set based on the spring equinox.This year Fat Tuesday falls on February 21 with the weekend leading up to the... read more
kayak the mystical waters of the Cajun Coast
The new year means new adventures and new paths to explore! The Cajun Coast is full of new possibilities throughout its age-old, mystical waterways and the cities and towns that have built up along its fresh and saltwater shores. With its seductive waterways and hypnotic beauty, you can plan to... read more
Christmas on the Cajun Coast
Any time is a good time to visit the Cajun Coast, but Christmas is an especially magical time!  Christmas on the Cajun Coast finds holiday events with a Cajun twist – from Papa Noel being pulled on a shrimp boat by his team of gators to feasting on Cajun fare to twinkling lights making the... read more
Paddling Trails Cajun Coast
The holidays can be stressful, but the Cajun Coast has your path to de-stress this season! Take in the beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin, shop main street towns all dressed up for the holidays, and eat your way through spots with the freshest of seafood and Cajun & Creole delights as well as a... read more
Bikers on the Bayou
Fall not only features Halloween’s spooky fun, but it is also harvest time with cooler temps for outdoor activities, so on the Cajun Coast that means a lot of festivals to celebrate! You will want to schedule your visit to the Cajun Coast in October, since every weekend features a festival full of... read more
Wedell-Williams Museum on the Cajun Coast
Even as school gets started, come weekend on the water on the Cajun Coast! Back to School means extra costs, so we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 FREE & CHEAP Things to Do with the Kids! 1)    Kids will enjoy learning about the oil industry on this retired oil rig and the... read more
Shrimp & Petroleum Festival Cajun Coast
Come celebrate at Louisiana’s most unique and oldest chartered harvest festival on Labor Day Weekend! Beginning nearly 90 years ago as a blessing of the shrimp harvest and a celebration of the many who labored in the deep Gulf waters, the petroleum industry was added in 1967 to also honor this... read more
Summer fun on the Cajun Coast
Summer on the Cajun Coast means lots of opportunities for full days of adventure and staying cool on the water! We have put together a Family-friendly itinerary for summer fun! And a list of summer options below!Come summer on the coast! FUN ON THE WATERSummer on the Cajun Coast means basking... read more
Paddling Lake End Rentals
From a lakeside retreat (with paddle boat, jet ski or barge rentals!) to a State Park paradise, to historic homes with ample front porches, you can find your perfect summer getaway on the Cajun Coast! Your Louisiana adventure on the Cajun Coast not only includes Cajun culture, food & music... read more
Mother's Day Card from the Cajun Coast
Whether your mom is an adventurous and outdoorsy sort of mom or a shopping and fine dining sort of mom, the Cajun Coast has you covered for giving the gift of travel this Mother’s Day!We even have a card you can download to wish Mom a Snappy Mother's Day!Bring Mom to explore and enjoy the beauty of... read more
Celebrate Spring on the Cajun Coast
The Cajun Coast is known for its many festivals each year, but it’s the celebrations of every day life that really tell the story of living (and visiting) on the Cajun Coast!Spring is the hallmark of renewal, and nature takes her cues in earnest throughout the area! From the Iris blooms at the... read more
Iris Photo: Henry Cancienne
Not only does March host the final Mardi Gras parades of the season on Fat Tuesday (and other events back this year -yay!), but nature celebrates with its own parades of gorgeous splendor! You’ve got to experience it in person! Schedule your visit along with a swamp tour (or bring your kayak) to... read more
Our annual Eagle Expo includes boat tours into various waterways to view eagles; a raptor show; presentations on the American bald eagle, wildlife, flora, fauna and the culture of the area by wildlife professionals and photographers; and much more. Admission and registration required. See info... read more
New Year New Adventure Cajun Coast
If your resolutions include travel in the new normal, make it a good trip!  Come on down to the Cajun Coast, and we’ll help you check off your list of new year, new you adventures! Paddle the Atchafalaya Basin, dance to Cajun Music, and dine on food you can’t pronounce! We’ve got you covered!... read more
Papa Noel Drives a Shrimp Boat - Cajun Coast Christmas
Papa Noël Drives a Shrimp Boat! It was already a spot for selfies on the Cajun Coast – the Spirit of Morgan City Shrimp Boat on Brashear Avenue - but a few years ago it received quite an upgrade when Santa decided to take it for a spin! Morgan City’s own Lee Romaire, a successful Los Angeles... read more
Escape to the Cajun Coast
The stress of the pandemic on top of the stress of the holidays will make you want to run away! We think that sounds like a great idea! Escape together to the Cajun Coast! We have room to roam and can take the stress out of the holidays! Distance yourselves and/or bring the family together with... read more
Shrimp & Petroleum Festival Cajun Coast
One of Louisiana’s most unique and oldest chartered harvest festivals is back on deck for Labor Day Weekend! Beginning more than 80 years ago as a blessing of the shrimp harvest and a celebration of the many who labored in the deep Gulf waters, the petroleum industry was added in 1967 to also honor... read more
Get Together on the Cajun Coast
Get together this summer on the Cajun Coast! There’s plenty for the kids (and you!) to do, from fishing to swamp tours, or just splashing by the water’s edge. Go exploring in the Atchafalaya Basin, climb aboard an oil rig, or even rent a houseboat, you’ll have fun and maybe even learn a little... read more
Cooking on the Coast
VISIT THE WHAT'S COOKING PAGE FOR FEATURED RESTAURANTSThe Cajun Coast is known for its amazing dining – from down-home Cajun fare run by the same family for generations to Asian-Cajun fusion and some of the best BBQ around. So, it’s no wonder we need an entire month to celebrate dining!The month of... read more
Bayou Shopping Days in May on the Cajun Coast
Come to Bayou Shopping Days in May!Whether by yourself or with your buddies, Bayou Shopping Days is the place to be in May! Not only are there deals on shopping throughout the Cajun Coast, there are dining deals, special events, and a passport to enter for $500 in gift cards! Get all the details on... read more
Birding is Big on the Cajun Coast
Birding is Big all year on the Cajun Coast, from Spring and Fall migrations to the annual Eagle Expo, but we’re hosting a Big Day competition April 17th that you won’t want to miss! This friendly, one-day competition will have you spotting so many birds as they make their annual trek along the... read more
Egret on the Cajun Coast
The Cajun Coast is beautiful all year long, but Spring has its own special glory! The area literally explodes with color, on top of the green lushness of the Atchafalaya Basin area. Schedule your visit along with a swamp tour (or bring your kayak) to get up close and personal. Captain Caviar or... read more
Eagle Expo Cajun Coast
Hunt for Love & Loot on the Cajun Coast - February is for lovebirds on the Cajun Coast! While Eagle Expo is officially cancelled, you can still book a boat tour for your bird lover to venture into our waterways and spot these majestic birds! (You know eagles mate for life, right?!) Plan your... read more